We’re delighted to announce the distinguished Speakers for the Corporate Affairs Forum 2023.

For more information and speaking opportunities, please contact apacevents@prca.global.

Keynote- Communicating with Purpose in the Asian Century

Saskia Kendall

Director of Public Affairs, Asia Pacific


Panel One: Artificial Uncertainty: How can APAC Policymaking Balance Responsible Innovation and Managing Real Risk?

 AI and machine learning has been around for many years, but step change in generative AI has generated fresh scrutiny with newly perceived risks, encouraging policymakers to revisit regulation. Grey areas of intellectual property and data management are also being evaluated. How do we unpick perceived and real risk? How is and can AI be used? And how can business leaders ensure that policy development supports and safeguards responsible AI development and use and that businesses are prepared for and protected from eventual risks?

Moderated by: Hetty Musfirah

Associate Director


Marcus Bartley Johns

Asia Regional Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy

Julie Cleeland Nicholls

Vice President, Corporate Communications, APJ

Rob Van Alphen

Director, Strategy and Innovation

Panel Two: What it Takes to be a Leader in Sustainability Communications

  In this panel, we discuss what it takes to be a leader in sustainability communications, no matter where you are in your climate transition. We’ll discuss how to effectively tackle greenwashing and develop a corporate narrative and messaging that is honest and nuanced, based on regional, cultural and political differences, ensuring that the information you put out is transparent and accurate, but still cuts through the noise and focuses on the areas that are compelling and show impact.

Moderated by: Emma Jenkins-Lee

Managing Director

Spurwing Communications

Chris Argent

Head of Sustainability for APAC

Anama Dimapilis-O’Reilly

Head of Corporate Affairs, AMEA

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Panel Three: Humanising Corporate Affairs: An Increasing Need For Empathetic Communications

The role of corporate and public affairs communicators has never been more challenging as we grapple increased scrutiny from stakeholders who also demand great accountability and “real talk”. Parallelly, there are many conversations about the need for more human and empathetic leadership as well as communications.
This panel explores if empathetic, honest, and transparent communications could repair trust with stakeholders while rebuilding the respect and credibility of public and corporate affairs.

Moderated by: Crystal Kung

Head of Communications, ASEAN

Charu Srivastava

Corporate Affairs Lead and Chief Strategy Officer

TriOn & Co

Shruti Bose

Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Asia Pacific

Roche Diagnostics

Christopher Daguimol

Director – Corporate Communications


Panel Four: A World Upside Down: The Coming of the AI Revolution 

This year has seen AI in the spotlight as never before. In this panel we will explore its current and future impact on communications, public affairs and ESG. It will examine the industry’s preparedness in handling the risks and opportunities of embracing AI including how to shape AIs regulatory future.

Moderated by: Joe Peng

Chief Digital Officer

Jeffrey Lim


Joyce A.Tan Partners LLC

 Jeremy Foo


Elliot Communications

Manisha Seewal



Panel Five: The Evolving Role of Government Relations in the Asian Century 

Two decades into The Asian Century, this future-looking panel will discuss the evolving nature of Government Relations (GR) in equipping organizations navigating the dynamic social, economic, and political environments in Asia. The panel will unpack current challenges and opportunities faced by practitioners including the increasing role which technology plays in policymaking in Asia

Moderated by: Richard Andrew

Co-Chair, APAC
Edelman Global Advisory

Noudhy Valdryno

Head of Public Policy – Indonesia, Timor Leste & Brunei Darussalam,


Fatimah Alsagoff

Director, Government Affairs Asia


Annisa Natalegawa

Senior Director, New Operations Strategy

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Adrian Warr

Vice Chair, Practices and Sectors

Edelman APAC

Panel Six: AI, Public Affairs and Communications: How our jobs will change 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly revolutionising workplaces. Underpinned by data, new technologies have impacted and disrupted the work of Corporate Affairs and Communications professionals, creating both opportunity and challenge. How does their adoption affect business planning and recruitment for Corporate Affairs practitioners? What training programmes are being (or should be) provided for PR practitioners to utilise AI ethically and responsibly? Where do we start to learn, and how will this change the jobs and skill requirements of our industry in the future?

Moderated by: Amanda Lee


Prospect Resourcing Asia

Sassoon Grigorian

Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy


Yang Li

Head of Public Affairs, APAC


Wong Hin-Yan

EVP, Strategic Planning, Head of Intelligence and Analytics APAC

Weber Shandwick

Malminderjit Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Speyside Group

Panel Seven: ESG in Asia-Pacific: Emerging Trends Require Action  

Steven Okun will lead an interactive discussion amongst the panel on how an increasing focus on human rights, climate risk and geopolitics requires businesses and investors to understand the demands from governments, customers, and employees in how they operate from an ESG perspective – all while continuing to provide a market-rate of return to their investors.

Moderated by: Steven R. Okun

APAC Advisors

 Roberta Pinamonti

Associate Director


Tom Evrard

Senior Managing Director

FTI Consulting

 Zsofia Balatoni

Chief Strategy Officer

Rothman & Roman Group