World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health.

Communications is a fast-moving and high-pressure environment which makes it rewarding and exciting. However, working in such an industry can also bring challenges that affect our mental health.

The PR and communications profession has not been unique in tip-toeing around this subject in the past. Many other professions have done exactly the same. But thanks to PRCA members and those organisations supporting our work, that should no longer be the case for our industry.

Working together, we are changing attitudes. We are speaking up. We are ensuring that better support structures and mechanisms are being created. We hope that doing all of this will make PR and communications a stronger, more attractive, and more productive industry to be part of.

The inaugural PRCA APAC Mental Health Report is out 11th October, 2021!

We are proud to be dedicating a week to support World Mental Health Day. During this week, we will be sharing blogs, campaigns, case studies, research and more in the hope that it’ll increase awareness and support for mental health.

Prioritising Mental Health in the PR Industry

Shanthi Jeuland Founder & MD, COCO PR

Staying Sane in a Mental World

Charu Srivastava MPRCA, Senior Director Redhill

Combatting Pandemic Fatigue as a Comms Professional

Sangeeta Sakhrani MPRCA, Head of HR, PRecious Communications

4 Questions About Mental Health Every PR Should Consider

Sai Roshini Daswani, Director – Client Strategy, APAC, Sinclair

Mental Health Day is in Danger of Becoming Another Internet-Holiday

Jian Yang MPRCA. Head of Strategy, Distilleri

Shedding Light on the Shadow Pandemic

Lauren Myers Cavanagh, Director of Comms, APAC, Twitter

Listen With Your Heart

Joleena Seah MPRCA, Director – Southeast Asia, GHC Asia

Putting People First – Mental Health at Work

Abhishek Gulyani, CEO, India, H+K Strategies

Mental Health as a Governing Objective rather than a Secondary Objective

Vu-Quan Nguyen MPRCA, Brand & Culture Director, Vero

No more quick fixes: Why PR needs to see mental health as a cultural issue

Caroline Hsu MPRCA, Managing Director APAC, The Hoffman Agency

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