Why join PRCA Thailand?

For over 50 years the PRCA has given a voice to the PR and communications industry internationally. With the the launch of PRCA Thailand in 2021, membership allows you to demonstrate your commitment to best practice, professionalism and ethical behaviour in PR.

Open to all participants in the industry; agencies, in-house, academics and students, we represent a multitude of disciplines in Thailand. We help members achieve greater business success, bring professionals together and inspire and motivate their staff to be more productive.

Membership is corporate, so the whole team can take advantage of the huge raft of membership benefits that are on offer.

PRCA Thailand membership delivers:

Industry Insight 

  • Local research
  • Access to selected regional research
  • Opportunity to share thought leadership, giving you and your organisation greater visibility in Thailand
  • Opportunity to showcase your work to the PR & Communications industry in Thailand
  • Case studies, so your team can learn from others
  • Discussions, roundtable events on latest industry trends and issues
  • Best practice guidance to keep you ahead of the game
  • Keep up to date with local developments through our Thailand newsletters and social media feeds

Network & Connections 

  • Grow your professional network via our free networking events for all levels of staff
  • Member only meet ups
  • Leaders Lunches
  • Industry introductions
  • Agency to Agency Matchmaker service
  • Opportunities for senior personnel to enhance their personal and organisational profiles via leadership panels and masterclass delivery
  • Local speaking opportunities for all levels of staff
  • Judging Local and Regional Awards
  • Discounts from key suppliers


  • Interactive webinars at introductory, intermediate and advance levels
  • Workshop Training & Learning Sessions to enhance career growth
  • Bespoke training packages to meet the needs of your team & organisation
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme
  • University outreach and support to get industry placements
  • Free posting of job adverts on the PRCA Thailand page


  • Local and Regional awards
  • Certified training
  • The use of PRCA Thailand’s logo on website, emails
  • The use of designatory letters MPRCA to showcase your professionalism
  • PRCA Thailand code of conduct

For more information or to become a member of PRCA Thailand, please contact:

Tara Munis


tara.munis@prca.global ,

Rebecca William MPRCA
Events and Marketing Executive