PublicAffairsAsia and PRCA APAC are thrilled to invite you to participate in The Gold Standard Awards, an esteemed platform designed to showcase and honour the outstanding work that has defined this exceptional year.

Recognising Excellence in 25 Categories: These awards distinguish “Gold Standard” achievements, spanning 25 categories that encompass stakeholder engagement, crisis management, media relations, CSR, and more. Whether you represent an agency, corporation, NGO, or governmental agency, The Gold Standard Awards provide a prestigious opportunity to spotlight your accomplishments.

Judged by Industry Leaders: Our judging panel comprises the region’s senior practitioners, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation process. The insights and expertise of these esteemed judges contribute to the credibility and prestige of The Gold Standard Awards.

Open to the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions: The awards are open to the communications and corporate public affairs industries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. We encourage participants from diverse sectors and backgrounds to showcase their innovative and impactful work.

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Unlock the Gold Standard Experience: Why Enter the Gold Standard Awards?

Embrace the opportunity to:

1. Promote the Industry: Showcase your accomplishments and contribute to the recognition of excellence within the industry. Your participation helps elevate the standards and highlights the remarkable work being done.

2. Encourage Your Team: Participating in the Gold Standard Awards is a powerful way to acknowledge and motivate your team. It reinforces a culture of excellence and celebrates the collective efforts that drive success.

3. Make Your Mark: Stand out as a leader and innovator in your field. Winning a Gold Standard Award is a testament to your commitment to excellence and positions your organisation as a distinguished player in the industry.

4. Expand Your Network: Connect with the region’s most influential practitioners and industry leaders. The Gold Standard Awards provide a unique platform for networking, fostering collaborations, and gaining insights from the best in the business.

Before You Submit:

Read through The Gold Standard Award – Entry Toolkit  for comprehensive guidance.

Explore the Top Tips For Success to enhance the strength of your submission.

Ready to Shine? Follow these steps:

Review the full list of 2024 award categories here.

After making payment, complete The Gold Standard Awards Entry Form to officially submit your entries.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a prestigious celebration of excellence. Enter the Gold Standard Awards and let your achievements shine.



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