For over 50 years the PRCA has given a voice to the PR and communications industry in the U.K. Formally known as PRCA SEA which launched in 2018, PRCA APAC Consultancy Membership allows you to demonstrate your commitment to best practice, professionalism and ethical behaviour in PR. From the larger networked agencies, through to dynamic start-ups, we represent a multitude of disciplines across Asia Pacific. We help our consultancy members achieve greater business success, win and retain more business, and inspire and motivate their staff to be more productive.

Membership is corporate, so the whole team can take advantage of the huge raft of membership benefits that are on offer.

Ten great reasons why your consultancy should join the PRCA APAC

  1. Communications Management Standard (CMS) is the PR industry gold standard and by attaining it your agency will stand out from the crowd to become a more efficient, better run business.
  2. Membership rates for our extensive training programme help you to make the most of your talent.
  3. The PRCA APAC Sectoral events are a key source of information and access to sector expertise and peers.
  4.  Network your way to success through our extensive range of free learning and networking opportunities.
  5. Become part of the largest professional body in the world for PR and Communications practitioners, raising your profile, enhancing your credibility, and developing your global network.
  6. Being bound by the PRCA Code of Conduct is the clearest possible demonstration of a commitment to ethical practice.
  7. By joining the PRCA you automatically become a member of ICCO with access to all of its services.
  8. Be included in ICCO’s Agency Finder portal, and in the PRCA’s client-consultancy matching service, offering the opportunity to win new business in 70 countries.
  9. Enter the PRCA and ICCO Regional and Global awards programmes, showcasing your agency’s best work.
  10. By playing a part in our representative body, you will be recognised as an industry leader.

Our membership fees are based on your number of employees. If you would like to have a conversation or would like more information, please contact Tara Munis on