Surviving and Thriving in Times of Political Change: As more than 60 democracies worldwide, including influential nations like the USA, India, the UK, South Africa, and Mexico, head to the polls this year, the theme for this year’s events revolves around navigating and thriving in times of political change. In the APAC region, elections are not limited to India but also include Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

While democracy strengthens societies and stimulates economies, elections inherently introduce a degree of uncertainty, which can be challenging for businesses. The Corporate Affairs Forum will aim to address this uncertainty and explore strategies for success in dynamic political landscapes.

The 2024 Forum is scheduled to take place in person, on the same day as the 2024 Gold Standard Awards.

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The Corporate Affairs Forum delves into cutting-edge innovation and exemplary practices within the realms of corporate affairs and stakeholder engagement. This exceptional platform serves to heighten awareness of emerging trends, practices, and innovative approaches in the fields of corporate and public affairs, as well as strategic communications.

These sessions are deemed essential for communications, government relations, and corporate, public, and regulatory affairs managers navigating the dynamic landscape of the Asia Pacific region.


The Corporate Affairs Forum is an annual interactive conference specifically crafted for C-suite professionals in public affairs, communications, and corporate affairs.

This event is tailored for delegates holding middle and senior positions in various roles, encompassing Government Relations, Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Corporate Communications, CSR, Sustainability, and Shared Value.


• Access: A Forum pass provides you with entry to live sessions, ranging from enlightening keynote talks on the top trends for 2024 to regional case studies and panel discussions.
• Learn: Gain valuable insights into how agencies and organisations are pioneering new paths for global organisations.
• Connect: Become an integral part of your regional community. The forum facilitates connections with speakers and delegates from around the APAC, allowing you to expand your network and acquire insights into cross-cultural issues affecting global PR.