SINGAPORE, 10th June, 2021 – The Public Relations and Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA) today announced The Vietnam Public Relation Network (VNPR) as its newest partner.

VNPR is the network of PR practitioners aiming for a long-term goal of creating a professional social organisation in Vietnam.

This partnership between The Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR) and PRCA Southeast Asia will play a key role in the enhancement of both associations’ presence in the local industry.

Mr. Nguyen Khoa My, VNPR Chairman and Founder will serve on International Communications Consultancy Organisation’s (ICCO) board to enhance collaboration opportunities between the organisations.

PRCA Director General Francis Ingham MPRCA said:

“We look forward to working with the Vietnam Public Relation Network to deliver services, insights, and opportunities for professionals in Vietnam. Our mission is to deliver world-class support and representation to PR professionals across the world. This partnership brings us one step closer towards that goal.”

VNPR Chairman and Founder Mr. Nguyen Khoa My said:

“This is a historic milestone for the young VNPR when we became a member of PRCA SEA and contributed to the global expansion of PRCA. We started our ambitious journey in 2019, with a mission to inspire the PR professionals across the country, build the talent pipeline for the future, and participate in matters that the society is concerned. Our primary goal is to bridge local PR practitioners and institutions, including universities, to international knowledge resources and world-class best practices”.



About Vietnam Public Relation Network (VNPR)

The Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR) – was founded in April 2019 initially as a professional community hub, with a long-term goal of becoming a recognized professional & social organization representing the PR community in Vietnam. VNPR pursues the ultimate objective of having the local public relations industry recognized and honoured as a meaningful and valuable profession. The Network is modelled to operates in a fashion that it is adaptive to changes of Public Relations in the new age, catching up with new trends, and contributing positively to the social, economic, cultural and educational development of Vietnam.


  • To build public relations into a recognized, honored and respected profession
  • To inspire and motivate public relations practitioners, educate the next generation of professionals
  • To build, develop and promote professional standards for the industry


  • To establish The Vietnam Public Relations Network as a well-reputed professional community hub
  • To become a professional organization representing public relations practitioners nationwide
  • To become an active member of regional and global professional associations.