• The PRCA Thailand Awards are open to all Thai-based businesses and parties involved in the use of PR and communications; PR consultancies, freelancers, in-house communications departments, digital agencies, media owners, and university students
    • Organisations can submit multiple entries into all categories. Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others. If entering an In-house Category on behalf of a client, the entry needs to be written and branded from the client’s perspective, e.g. just the client’s logo/name.
    • There is no official format provided for your Award entry, allowing you to be as creative as you wish. However, entries in the Campaign Categories should demonstrate: strategy and research, execution, creativity, originality, effectiveness and results. For Team categories, entries should demonstrate:

    Agency Team:

    1. Clients: retention, growth, and performance.
    2. People: commitment to development and diversity, innovative practices and employee engagement.
    3. Financial: performance, growth, and acquisitions must be disclosed.
    4. Innovation: investment in infrastructure, new client products, and/or new approach to staffing.

    In-House Team:

    1. People: commitment to development and diversity, innovative practices and employee engagement.
    2. Financial: performance, growth, and acquisitions must be disclosed.
    3. Innovation: investment in infrastructure, new client products, and/or new approach to staffing.
    • In the Individual Categories, judges will mark your entry on the following criteria; leadership; initiative; performance and contribution; colleague/client references.
    • Entries made into the Campaign Award Categories must have been started or completed by 1st January 2022 – 30th November 2022 (the closing date). Campaign category entries do not have to relate to a specific campaign or project, but can be a component of on-going work or a combination of activities.
    • For categories recognising the performance of teams or consultancies rather than individuals of campaigns, financial and other figures should relate to your most recent financial year.
    • Entries that exceed the 1,000 word count limit over a maximum of 4 sides of A4 will be void
    • Entries must be submitted as either a Word document or PDF
    • If possible, avoid using AVEs.
    • Entries must be submitted online with the relevant documentation
    • Imagery should be included in the body of your entry to support your case
    • It is the entrant’s responsibility to seek and ensure permission has been granted for the right to use the intellectual property of the brand or client entered.
    • For some campaign categories, there will be a Consultancy winner and an In-house winner
    • The Campaign of the Year winners will be chosen from the list of Campaign Category winners
    • Judges will assume that campaigns using celebrities or other associations have been paid for their involvement unless stipulated otherwise
    • If the campaign is integrated, when demonstrating results please state the PRs involvement and outline the activity of the other marketing disciplines
    • State the campaign budget. When PR is part of an integrated campaign state the PR budget and the approximate campaign budget
    • Payments must be made in Thai Baht
    • Earlybird Member entry: THB 3,500
    • Earlybird Non-member entry: THB 7,000
    • Member entry: THB 5,000
    • Non-member entry: THB 10,000
    • Payments must be paid by card online via the entry website.
    • Invoices may be requested on any payments above S$1500. Please contact the awards team on: apacawards@prca.global
    • Once you have made payment, please complete the PRCA Thailand Awards 2023 Entry Formto submit your entries. (Click)
    • For more information, please download the PRCA Thailand Awards 2023 Entry Toolkit. (Click)

Supporting Documents and Video/URL Links

Supporting documentation such as press cuttings and video/URL links are optional. If choosing to include a video, it must not run for longer than 4 minutes and be hosted by either Vimeo or YouTube.

All relevant information should be included in your main entry. Please do remember that supporting documentation will only be consulted where judges are unable to distinguish between two entries.

Award Entry Feedback

Due to the volume of entries and demands on judges’ time, we are unable to guarantee feedback on entries. Where you would like feedback, please let us know, and if we are able to provide it, we will do so.
If you do require feedback, please request this no more than one week after the Awards ceremony. We will not be able to provide feedback after this time. Questions? Contact nannaphas.rungrueng@prca.global