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Don’t forget to read through the Entry Toolkit and Rules of Entry before you begin to ensure you have all information required to submit your application.

If you’re entering on behalf of a client, please ensure you state the client’s name. If you want your client’s name on the finalist page and trophy, please add this to the ‘Name of Campaign’ box. Otherwise input N/A.

If you’re entering after the final deadline, there is a late entry fee of S$100 per entry.

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B2B Award

Recognises work that involves the promotion of products and services from one business to another. Entries can relate to a niche business sector or to the business community at large

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Consumer Award – Low Budget

The winning entrant will display successful use of a low budget (less than S$50,000 or equivalent), involving the promotion of products or services to consumers. This category is open to the private, public or charitable sectors.

Consumer Award – High Budget

This category will recognise work that involves the promotion of products or services to consumers, working with a high budget (above S$50,000 or equivalent). This category is open to the private, public or charitable sectors.

Corporate, Financial and Investor Relations Award

This award showcases work across the whole range of financial PR, including investor relations, stakeholder engagement, and corporate affairs.

CSR and Sustainability Award

Applicable to work that promotes an organisation’s corporate social responsibility  or sustainability programme, via either a one off campaign or on-going work. The winning entry will need to show clear evidence of the positive impact the campaign or ongoing work may have made, as well as displaying strong reasoning behind the action.

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Digital & Social Media Award

This category will highlight the campaigns that include a large element of digital and social media work. This can be individually or as part of an integrated programme of PR and targeted marketing activity. If a part of a longer-term project, clear aims and outcomes of the overall goal should be identified as well as the specific activity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

This award recognises an PR agencies or in-house PR teams championing diversity, inclusivity and change within the industry. For this award, judges will mark the entry on Performance, People and business practices and Outside-the-box. Please read the Entry Toolkit to find out more about this award before you enter.

Employee Engagement Award

This award recognises campaigns that use internal communications to engage staff, drive organisational change, deliver increased stakeholder value, or change an organisation’s ethos. Entries should detail how on-going strategy has shown significant improvement and further
engagement within the internal team.

Event/ Launch of the Year Award

Entries in this category should demonstrate how PR has been effectively used to launch a new product or service, built an audience for an event or developed a relationship with the public to secure the reputation of the event, product or service.

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(NEW 2024 CATEGORY) Game Changer Award

This award looks at campaigns where the agency has devised a creative campaign that the client may not have previously considered or seen as too high risk. Campaigns in this category will demonstrate game changing campaigns for their clients, with outstanding results across several channels.

Health and Wellbeing Award

This category will cover work across the whole range of healthcare and well-being PR, including the public, private healthcare, pharma, and medical research (including animal research). Campaigns and/or projects could relate to a healthcare issue, consumer healthcare product, facility, or initiative.

Influencer Relations Award

This award recognises campaigns that use targeted influencer relations to achieve excellent results.

This can include micro influencers and celebrities.

(NEW 2024 CATEGORY) International Campaign

This award recognises work by an organisation in Asia Pacific that engages international media, clients, or stakeholders. The Campaign must have run over a minimum of 2 countries excluding countries in Asia Pacific and clear identification of how the campaign may have been altered, if applicable, to the different markets.

Measurement and Evaluation Award

This award recognises expert use of measurement and evaluation in Asia Pacific. This can be in the form of campaigns, programmes or frameworks that demonstration best practise and the most effective use of measurement and evaluation.

Media Relations Award

This award recognises campaigns that use targeted media relations to achieve creative, imaginative and outstanding results. The use of supporting material may be effective when needing to stand out from the crowd in this category.

Multi-Country Campaign Award (Asia Pacific)

Have you had a campaign running over 3+ countries in the Asia Pacific region over the past 12 months? Can you demonstrate results across the region? Judges will be looking for strategy, research, execution, creativity, originality, documented results, and evaluation.

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NGO and Charity Award

This category will recognise work by/or on behalf of charities, voluntary and non governmental organisations. If there is a fundraising aspect to your entry, you must include an explanation of how the entry has contributed to the financial stability or fundraising objectives of the organisation.

Public Sector Award

Open to local authorities, public sector agencies, local bodies, and government departments. The winning entrant will have displayed work on a singular specific topic that has shown effective and impressive results in the public sector. This could include topical societal issues, the environment, health, or crime.

Strategic Communications Award

This award focuses on strategic communications and would be suitable for teams working on stakeholder management, public affairs and strategic consultancy.

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Best Student Campaign

This category recognises work by students that demonstrates outstanding, creative thinking and realistic execution in order to reach determined goals.

Technology Award

This award highlights work for technology products, services, or brands, targeted at the consumer market or at the business market.

Travel and Lifestyle Award

This category will recognise organisations that have used a campaign to effectively gain trade and consumer trust, increase brand awareness and consideration, improved loyalty through promotions and deals, offered interactive competitions and excelled in customer service.


Intern Award

To enter an intern for this category, the intern must complete an outline of their internship which should be no more than 600 words in length.

The intern’s line manager is also required to complete a 300-word endorsement. Entries are open to anyone who interned between 20th January, 2023 and 19th January 2024.


Young Communicator Award

Open to NextGen* Individuals in both consultancies and in-house teams. The winner will be recognised for an outstanding performance within their organisation and to the wider PR industry.

*A NextGen individual is anyone under the age of 30 years old at the time of the final entry deadline on 19th January 2024.

PR/Communications Leader Award

Judges will look for an individual (or joint heads) who have succeeded in making communications a strategic priority within their organisation, supporting or leading the organisation’s broader objectives.

The individual will have shown outstanding performance, made a significant contribution to the industry and to their organisations.

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In-House Team Award

This category is open to any Asia Pacific based inhouse private, not-for-profit or public sector PR and communications team.

New Consultancy/New In-House Team Award

This category is open to any Asia Pacific based consultancy or inhouse team, founded up to 24 months prior to the entry deadline, 27th January 2023.

Specialist Consultancy Award

This category is open to any APAC based consultancy or team within a consultancy that specialises in a specific sector or PR discipline.


(NEW 2024 CATEGORY) In-Country Consultancy

This award recognises excellence by a consultancy operating in one market in the Asia-Pacific region. Attention will be given to quality of work, profit, revenue, growth, and client retention as well as relevant employee metrics. Specific campaigns or projects can be included as supporting evidence.

Small Consultancy Award

This category is open to any Consultancy with under 15 employees.

Medium Consultancy Award

This category is open to any Consultancy with 15 – 30 employees.

Large Consultancy Award

This category is open to any consultancy with 30 or more employees..

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