About Marsha

Manager – Consultancy at Maverick Indonesia

Specialties: strategic communications, strategising, corporate communications, crisis and issue management

Marsha joined Maverick straight after university and has built her career there for almost seven years. She is passionate about making a difference through the strategic use of communications, able to strategize as well as execute with precision, and not afraid to work twice as hard or ask questions.

Her role includes heading the Corporate Communications and Crisis & Issue Management practice groups, supervising key accounts such as Airbus, Spotify and WhatsApp, as well as projecting Maverick’s thought leadership through various training and speaking opportunities.

In April, Marsha was appointed Acting General Manager. In this new role, she has been in charge of articulating Maverick’s new strategic vision, working with other Management members to come up with a roadmap, overseeing the implementation across the company, as well as proposing and reviewing the firm’s annual financial targets.

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