About Olivia

Senior Account Manager, VIM & VIGOUR PR

Specialties: luxury travel, management, lifestyle

Originally from the UK, Olivia grew up around the world, living and working in and around various cultures, resulting in an international outlook, flexible nature, and desire and ability to connect with people from varying walks of life. She graduated from the University of Exeter with a First Class degree in Politics & International Studies.

Olivia knew her true passion was in the communications industry, and in 2017, took the leap and moved so Singapore to join a boutique luxury travel PR agency, combining her passion for travel with her true calling – communicating.

The nature of working for a boutique PR agency for the last 3 years has meant that she has often taken on responsibilities far above her role, gaining incredible experience managing team members across Singapore and Hong Kong in order to provide solutions for a range of luxury travel and lifestyle clients. The fast-paced nature of her role requires determination, strong organisational ability, and an unrelenting positive attitude. Within Olivia’s time at Vim & Vigour PR, she has thrived in the dynamic environment, quickly moving from Intern to Senior Account Manager, and is looking to take the skills she has developed and channel them into exciting new challenges, situations and clients.

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