Marketing Communications Manager, Calderys Greater APAC

Specialities: Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Engagement (External & Internal), Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Event Management

In her current role at Calderys, Mae is in charge of overseeing and shaping all of the marketing communication initiatives implemented throughout the Greater Asia Pacific region (South West Asia, East Asia & Pacific – except China). Mae also holds a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Singapore Management University.

Her extensive experience with various multinational companies has equipped her to be a competent leader with clear goals and management skills while managing both local and international teams. Every successful project that she has been a part of has bolstered her beliefs and fueled her enthusiasm for marketing and communication.

Mae takes great pride in integrating and exploiting big data and AI into marketing and communication initiatives, which has resulted in more successful campaigns and projects. She believes skillsets should grow in tandem with technological advancements to be a competent communicator in today’s digital age.