Marianne Lamonin has over 15 years of experience, mainly in the energy industry and has been an advisor to multinational companies covering topics related to climate change policy and advocacy, sustainability, energy transition, industrial policy and the future of globalisation. She has previously worked as a policy and sustainability expert as well as foresight and geopolitics advisor at the strategy department of Electricité de France (EDF) based in Paris where she identified emerging trends and their subsequent integration and alignment with the Group’s strategy. She has led stakeholder engagement panels to challenge and enrich corporate practices and viewpoints. In her role, she was also responsible for EDF’s engagement with major NGOs, institutions and think tanks in the sustainability space and managed the relationship with WBCSD, SDSN, TERI, CLG, Climate Group, Global Compact, among others.

She has developed C-suite strategic narratives and keynotes at major energy and climate events such as NYC Climate Week, San Francisco’s climate events, Clean Energy Ministerials, International Energy Agency and the like.

Before EDF, Marianne was at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory in Finance in Paris, which has driven her interest in covering frontier developments in sustainable finance.

Marianne holds an MA in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, speaks six languages and has a keen interest in coaching and leadership.