Singapore, September 15, 2020 – Public relations agency Huntington Communications and creative agency Paprika Global, announced that they have completed their merger to form Distilleri, an independent strategic communications consultancy. This merger augments the capabilities of the two agencies with the fresh focus on brand strategy through Insights from data, Influence from Huntington’s legacy PR background, and strategic Ideas from Paprika’s legacy creative and design background.

The name Distilleri is a play on the word ‘Distill’ – to purify or refine through heat. The agency sees itself as a gathering of artisans, selecting and blending only the best insights, influence and ideas to brew and blend impactful communications solutions to achieve their client’s goals. In forging their bespoke full-funnel campaigns, they marry messaging with meaning to create lasting and impactful impressions on stakeholders.

From left to right, Distilleri’s leadership team includes; Junren Xiao, Head of Client Solutions; BlessAnn Luah, Head of Communications and Partnerships; Jin Ooi, Managing Director; Lena Soh-Ng, Senior Advisor, Founder; and David Tan, Head of Creative, Founder.

With the marketing and media landscapes becoming more fragmented, the two agencies took the step to unite for a stronger suite of communication solutions. This will also help to future-proof Distilleri for challenges that marketing, public relations, and communications agencies are facing.

Distilleri prides itself in having diverse, self-sufficient teams that are nimble, efficient and effective while working seamlessly for their clients. Collectively, the team has a proven record of award-winning work, forging innovative solutions for major brands, and delivering value beyond just marketing dollars.

“This merger will pave the way forward for independent marketing agencies by updating industry practices and placing brands and clients’ needs front and centre,” shares Jin Ooi, Managing Director. “With people, product and partnerships at the heart of our business, we are confident that our collective experience and expertise will help to provide fresh perspectives and enable us to continue delivering authentic and impactful outcomes for our clients.”

The two agencies have worked with government agencies such as Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), National Council of Social Services (NCSS), People’s Association, and SkillsFuture Singapore, in addition to a wide spectrum of international brands including Abbott Diagnostics, AkzoNobel, Fuji Xerox, J&J Vision, New Balance, and Tourism Tasmania.

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About Distilleri

Distilleri is a strategic communications consultancy formed in 2020 after the merger of Huntington Communications and Paprika Global. The respective agencies have proven track records in the communications industry across lifestyle, healthcare, technology and the public sector. They have also won many awards including the PRISM Awards Outstanding B2B Campaign 2019 and SABRE’s Best in Product Reviews 2018. Distilleri is a member of PRCA, PROI Worldwide and ICOM networks.