Hahm Shout Doodle’ Changes Name to ‘Hahm Partners

“Providing services that maximize brand performance in order to become the best partner”

SOUTH KOREA, 17th October 2022 – Hahm Shout Doodle, which has been leading the public relations & marketing industry both online and offline, is taking a new leap forward by changing its name to Hahm Partners.

Along with this name change, Hahm Partners has announced a new slogan, ‘Create Relationship Value,’ which represents its personal ethos of maximizing ‘relationship values’ by finding the hidden insights in all relationships between brands and consumers.

Hahm Partners has the competitive edge to provide comprehensive PR and marketing solutions to any client, through services in all areas of PR & marketing such as brand strategy consulting, media promotions, digital marketing, TVCs, creative production, performance marketing, influencer marketing, and global marketing.

Through constant challenges and innovations over the past 16 years, Hahm Partners has produced remarkable results for vertical growth by providing competitive PR and marketing services and successfully carrying out IMC campaigns for over 300 domestic and international clients.

In addition, Hahm Partners developed the industry’s first automated influencer matching platform and led in business acceleration services. In 2020, it acquired a Naver ad search agency and internalized an official search advertising license, allowing it to continue innovating new services.

Furthermore, Hahm Partners plans to develop tech-based solutions for the digital transformation of the PR industry, with future aims of entering the global market.

CEO Siwon Hahm stated, “We are returning to the name of ‘Hahm Partners,’ which was the original name of the company when it was first established in 2007, and we will continue in our innovations to create perpetual growth in the industry and maximize the values that connect the world together.”

Hahm Partners is also the first Korean member to join the PRCA APAC (The Public Relations & Communications Association Asia Pacific), the world’s largest professional PR body, composed of more than 35,000 professionals in 70 countries worldwide.

Find out more about Hahm Partners here.