Date(s) - 25/07/2024
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

This event is an interactive workshop, microphones and cameras are encouraged to be switched on during the workshop so as to maximise learning.

Location: Zoom Online, with Breakout Rooms

Duration: 3 hrs

Speaker: Illka Gobius, Managing Director, PINPOINT PR

Target Audience:

  • Mid-career professionals that want to learn what a stakeholder is, and how to build a program around them

Summary and Workshop Overview:


Learn how to write a Strategic Communications Plan

Part 1

Communicating: What are the tools behind Brand Building, Story Telling, and Shaping Opinion


  • Key Messaging
  • Communications strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement

Discussion: Who are your stakeholders, what do you want them to know, how can you inform them?

Practical: Create a stakeholder map

Part 2

Case Studies: Best Practice Examples

  • Look at 2-3 case studies

Discussion: What is the construct of each case study, how does it apply to informing their stakeholders, and what can we learn from them to apply in our own business?

Practical: Create a framework for your own communications plan

Part 3

Applying Knowledge: Create Your Own Communication Plan

Practical (a breakout session): Work in a small group, select one of their businesses, and work together to discuss the imperatives and to decide what is the communications strategy to reach the chosen group of stakeholders, and what tactics are required to inform their audiences.

Teams present their communications plan to the group at large, and answer any questions.

Wrap up 

Course leader to highlight all the learnings, wrap up what we learned, answer any lingering questions.

  • Key learning outcomes
    • You’ll learn how to identify your stakeholders and how to build a strategic communications plan to reach those stakeholders.  If you are in an agency, you’ll also learn how to pitch for new business.

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