Date(s) - 21/10/2022
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Location: TBC, Singapore

Duration: 2hrs

Type: Training Workshop

Trainer: Rasyida Paddy, SaaS Marketing Lead, ASEAN at Oracle


Are the PR and marketing functions truly two separate universe; or are they just different planets orbiting in the same galaxy? In this workshop, we will discuss how the PR and marketing functions can better align and come together, both getting a seat at the table, to serve the needs of the business.


Different organizations structure their PR functions differently. In some, a Chief Communications Officer role may exist, reporting in directly to the CEO or Chief Strategy Officer; though increasingly in recent times, the PR and communications function report in to the Chief Marketing Officer. In many circumstances, PR practitioners find themselves having to explain how their function and responsibilities differ to that of their marketing colleagues, especially when engaging with the sales leadership team, who see their role as no different to their marketing counterparts.

Regardless of the reporting lines, both the PR and marketing functions are key to help the organization grow mindshare and market share. If these two functions can work hand-in-hand, and in alignment to the sales team, the perfect harmony can happen. That said, in a digital world where the lines between paid, earned, and owned media are blurring, that is easier said than done.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the psychology of marketers and how they think differently from PR professionals
  • PESO in a digital world: Who owns what?
  • Data that matters: How to better position data in PR and comms to showcase value, and secure budget for campaigns

Important Information

This is a free training workshop with very limited spaces.

One booking per email.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Trainer’s Bio

Rasyida Paddy, SaaS Marketing Lead, ASEAN at Oracle

Rasyida is an experienced B2B tech PR and Communications professional. She has over a decade of experience working with enterprise technology brands across various aspects of marketing, from brand awareness to customer advocacy. She had held roles driving internal and external communications, where she had led integrated communications campaigns for the brands she represented. She is working at Oracle, and had previously held roles in SAP, and various PR agencies including Cohn & Wolfe, Rice Communications and Hill+Knowlton in the course of her career.

Currently, Rasyida operates as a field marketer, responsible for driving full-funnel marketing programs, supporting the business by growing sales pipeline that deliver revenue outcomes