Job Title: Senior Account Executive
Company: SPAG

After graduating with a degree in Sociology from Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Dominique cut her teeth in journalism at The Straits Times, the country’s most read newspaper. After 3 years at the Foreign desk where she handled a range of responsibilities – including writing on international news, managing the paper’s LinkedIn page strategy and partnering with nearly 30 Asian publications on region-wide editorial events – she dove into a new challenge of public relations as the communications liason for major healthcare brands.

Dominique has spearheaded internal communications strategies and worked closely with healthcare clients to lead brand reputation and awareness initaitves, as well as driven strategic media partnerships. She has also lead an internal Diversity and Inclusivity project with a global pharmaceutical brand to foster cultural appreciation and employee talent recognition.

In her free time, she enjoys picking up new skills at leisure including UX design, video shooting and editing and digital marketing, with her most recent venture being taking on conversational Hindi. She also co-owns an online earring shop where she crafts bespoke clay earrings.

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