The Public Relations and Communications Association’s (PRCA) Ethics Council and the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) has launched its annual Ethics Month challenging the global industry to speak up for PR ethics. Finding solutions to ethical challenges is never easy. But conversations around who you should work for, or how PR pros can sometimes contribute to the spread of misinformation, need to begin – and be ongoing.

We invite you to join the conversation this September by using #PRethics. Stay tuned for top insights on our blog from some of the most respected PR practitioners around the world, and for upcoming events.

First of it’s kind

We’ve joined forces with the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) to launch a new research project to capture the global state of ethics and compliance in PR and communications.

The joint survey, based on the ECI’s long-standing Global Business Ethics Survey® (GBES®), will be fielded to PR practitioners worldwide.

Find out more about the partnership and research here.

PRCA Ethics Council Annual Perspective 2021

How you can get involved

Knowledge sharing:

  • Send us your blogs and case studies about ethical practice and the power of PR in ethical causes
  • Send us your insights on the latest ethical challenges or campaigns you are proud of in PR.


  • Organise or collaborate with PRCA on an ethics awareness training webinar or event


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