Read the criteria carefully and ensure that your entry reflects the category it is entered in. Plan your entry early, asking any questions now, rather than leaving it to the last minute.


Try and make your entry a compelling and interesting story and not simply a list of facts. Use a combination of colour, hard facts and statistics.


The entry can be no more than a 1000 words – so make sure they’re well chosen. Do not try and extend your entry by using box outs or attachments.


Ensure that your entry fits the required timeline – which means it must have been active in the 18 months prior to the awards deadline. This means it can still be on going as long as it started 18 months prior to the deadline.


Make sure that planning, implementation and outcomes are addressed. Measurement is a really powerful factor when judges review your entry.


Give as much detail as you can about what your project actually achieved. Don’t assume that judges can deduce what was achieved: tell them directly.


Be clear in your entry: assuming the judges know nothing about it – and avoid jargon.


Only use images, links to video and hyperlinks where it adds value. Videos can tell a powerful story, but only when the content is relevant to your entry.


Supporting documentation such as press cuttings, reports and videos are optional – all relevant information should be included in your main entry. Embed links to external content rather than sending us the actual files.


Entries should address innovation, planning, implementation and measurable impact and outcomes [where appropriate] on an equal basis of 25% per criteria.


Try to demonstrate creativity, innovation and originality – and seek to quantify outcomes. Remember that judges can read up to 50 entries, so make sure yours stands out.