About Naveen

Senior Consultant at Blue Totem Communications

Specialties: consultant, training, account services, establishment of processes and procedures, telecommunications, energy, enterprise technology

Over the past seven years, Naveen has accumulated considerable experience servicing clients in sectors such as telecommunications, energy, enterprise technology, and professional services. Clients he has worked with include the likes of Microsoft, Shell, Nokia, Xbox, Regus, and Malwarebytes.

Prior to his role as a PR practitioner, he served several stints as a writer for a local national newspaper (crime), the Singapore Sports Council and national water agency PUB.

Working with several teams over the years, he believes that more can be done to help fresh graduates and students be better equipped for a role in the industry. Naveen would like a chance to help shape the industry moving forward, and to help equip the next generation of talent with the skills needed to take the industry to the next level as a whole.

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