Date(s) - 06/02/2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: Online

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Type: Webinar

Trainer: Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Founder and Managing Director, EloQ Communications

Format: This training will be carried out online in a webinar setting. Attendees will not be able to have their laptops, camera, and microphones on during the session.


In this age of social media, crises are happening more frequently. From fake news, misinformation, and customer complaints to corporate-level emergencies – it could burst out anytime, anywhere, to anyone, and to any brand. The unique characteristic of social media crisis is that it happens very quickly and suddenly. Once in-house executives catch the news, it’s often too late to stop the crisis. Hastily giving out a message when under pressure can make the situation get worse. That’s why brands need to be well-prepared for any crisis scenario by setting up clear protocols. And this workshop will give them advice on how to do it.

Workshop Overview:

1.  Social media in a crisis

  • What types of crises can ignite on social media?
  • Decide whether to use social media to respond to crises
  • Analyze previous crisis responses from brands – the goods and the bads

2. Pre-crisis preparation

  • The people:
  • Crisis management team
  • Internal communications
  • The preventive actions
  • Social listening
  • Pre-draft updates
  • Scoop up the negative domains and username
  • Targeted advertising

3. During the crisis

  • Crisis trigger point
  • Assemble the team
  • Online courtesy
  • CEO’s statement

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